About Us


Martpol company exists on the Polish market since 1993. We are an exclusive representative of STAHL company – leading manufacturer of auxiliaries for tanning and fur industry. At present we have developed our activity on the markets: Ukrainian, Belorussian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Es­tonian.

We have in our offer chemicals for beamhouse, wet end and finishing and also wide range of dyestuffs for leathers and fur industry.

We are proud of our contribution in production of highest quality leathers designed for shoes, garments, leather goods and luxury automotive upholstery. We are able to react to needs of the market instantly. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians who offers advices and help at any moment in company and in customer`s place.

Thanks to professionally prepared technological base and properly equipped laboratory we are able to work up per­fect solutions in the field of technology of tanning and fur industry.

We are making trials of beamhouse, retannage, fatliquoring and dyeing. We match colours according to requirements of customers both in dyeing process and finishing. We are offer wide range of finishings from full covered, aniline to waxen. We have all possibilities of application resin solutions and also waxes and oils. On request of customer we are able to make practically each leather in short time.

We are the only one company of this type in Poland. We cooperate with Institute of Leather Industry in Lodz many years. We have a very good reputation. We pay special at­tention to meet rigorous ecological requirements which products should achieve currently.

We elastically react to requirements in every range.