We offer STAHL products for the dressing of grain leather
and fur and other materials useful in leather production.

Technical information

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Wet process agents

  • soaking and liming products: Eusapon, Mollescal, Basozym, Bemanol, Feliderm, Proviera
  • preservatives: Mollescal, Tekcide
  • decalcification products: Decaltal, Decalon
  • etching agents: Basozym, Feliderm Bate
  • tannins: Chromitan, Lutan, Granofin
  • aids to chrome tanning: Neutrigan, Implenal, Feliderm
  • tanning agents: syntany, garbniki
  • resinous, polymeric, aldehydic, fatty: Basyntan, Relugan, Densotan, Granofin, Synektan, Tergotan, Renektan, Tanicor
  • neutralising and stabilising auxiliaries: Tamol, Neutraktan, Dermafix, Dermagen
  • lubricants: Lipoderm Licker, Catalix, Corilene, Derminol, Dermalix, Stahlite
  • hydrophobic agents: Densodrin, Dermaphob
    a wide range of dyes: Coraicide, Derma Soft, Melioderm HF, Inoderme Luganil, Lurazol.

Finishing agents

  • metal complex dyes for spraying, coating and printing: Eukesolar Farbstoffe E fl., LD, Supronil
  • pigments: Neosan 200, PP, PPE
    acrylic binding agents: Corial Binder, Corial Microbinder, RA
  • polyurethane binders: Astacin Grund, Astacin Finish, RU
  • protein binding agents and fixatives: Luron Glanz, Luron Binder, BI
  • finishing compacts: Lepton Binder, Baspol, RC
  • emulsion nitrocellulose varnishes: LW, Melio WF
  • polyurethane varnishes and coatings without organic solvents: Astacin Top, Astacin Mattierung, WT, WD
  • fillers and waxes: Lepton Filler, Lepton Wachs, FI, FO
  • cross-linking agents: Astacin Haerter, Aqualen, XR
  • measures to improve grip: Corial Wachs, Lepton Wachs, HM
  • pull-up oils and waxes: Eukesol Oel, Eukesol Wachs, Corial Wachs, AS
  • penetrators and solvents: Amollan, PT
  • oil emulsions: Eukesol Oelgrund, FO
  • thickening agents: Lepton Paste, MC
  • blowing agents and anti-foaming agents: Amollan, LA

Products for furskins

  • products for the wet department: Arostit, Eusapon, Mollescal, Basozym, Bastamol, Proviera, Tergolix, Feliderm
  • tanning and retanning products: Chromitan, Lutan, Basyntan, Relugan, Granofin, Tanicor, Tergotan
  • auxiliaries: Tamol, Implenal, Neutrigan, Egalux
  • lubricants: Lipoderm Licker, Catalix, Corilene, Derminol, Dermalix
  • hydrophobic agents: Densodrin, Hydrophob
  • oxidative hair dyes: Ursol, Nako
  • metal complex dyes for hair: Eukesolar Farbstoffe E fl., LD
  • acid hair dyes: Lurazol Pelz E, Derma Pelz
  • acid dyes for velour: Lurazol, Luganil, Corilene
  • agent for softening water and removing metal ions from it: Lufibrol Chelant TB

Grinding and polishing materials from the German company AWUKO

  • Abrasive papers for dry grinding in various grit sizes and widths: KP43E
  • abrasive papers for wet grinding in various grit sizes and widths: KP80E
  • polishing paper: OK96L